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Used GEM Systems GSM19W overhauser magnetometer with GPS for sale (SOLD)

Ideal for UAV or ground magnetic base station. Ideal for ground magnetic survey roving (walking) magnetometer. We have for a sale a modern GEM Systems GSM-19W overhauser magnetometer. This unit has recently been serviced by GEM and has the latest firmware. It includes GPS and navigation. The overhauser magnetometer is far superior to a proton […]

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Are Overhauser magnetometers right for you?

GSM-19 Overhauser magnetometers are the choice of the ground magnetic survey industry. They are the lightest and simplest to use of any magnetometer on the market. With in-built navigation there is no need to carry a handheld GPS. Handheld GPS units can reduce the data quality because they are magnetic. They also add additional and […]

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