UAV Magnetic surveys.

Modern Mag now offers UAV magnetic surveys, otherwise known as drone mag surveys.

Ground magnetic surveys result in the best quality magnetic data possible. We can survey your tenement on the ground using our fleet of state of the art potassium magnetometers. But if your area is too large for a ground magnetic survey, then airborne surveys are next to be considered. Heli-mag would be an obvious choice, but with the rise of the drones, drone-mag is replacing heli-mag.

Modern Mag can survey your tenement with state of the art terrain following multi-rotor UAV (aka RPAS) systems. Our systems use potassium magnetometers for superior data resolution. Our multi-rotors are the best currently available. They are able to lift a bag of concrete or fly for 50 minutes, but of course not both at the same time!

However the quality of your data is our primary focus. The drone is just a safe and reliable tool to acquire your data. We process your data with the industry best practise software and can deliver it within 7 days.

Modern Mag. Safe, accurate and reliable magnetic surveys. On the ground or in the air.
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  1. Rolf Kilian
    Aug 23, 2016

    Dear all:
    You have been worked with drones including aero magnetic surveys. At the 35th International Geological Congress at Cape Town, South Africa, from 27th August to 4th September 2016 there will be a special session entitled “Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)-based technologies for Geology and Earth sciences”. Marina Diaz-Michelena (INTA Spain) and Rolf Kilian (Univ. Trier, Germany) will give an initial review talk entitled “Use of drones for aeromagnetic surveys; an overview”
    In the former context we would like to ask you to provide us most recent informations and/or papers concerning your experiences in this topic, which we would like to include in our review and presentation for a global overview of the State of the Art in this topic.
    In advance we would like to say thank you very much for you contribution. If you are interested we can also share the presentation.
    Best regards,
    Marina and Rolf

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