Modern Mag is an official GEM Systems agent.

GEM LOGODid you know Modern Mag sells GEM systems magnetometers and spares? We have been using GEM equipment for over 17 years. We have experience with all of their magnetometers and can help you choose a system for your needs. We chose GEM magnetometers for our field work because they are simply the best magnetometers to use in the field. They have inbuilt navigation, fewer external wires than other manufacturers, and are smaller and lighter. Besides they make the most sensitive magnetometers commercially available, the  GSMP-35 k-mags. For when only the best will do. And get this: they cost LESS than the competitors’ decades old models!

Modern Mag now sells custom backpacks for all GEM systems and Geometrics magnetometers. These backpacks are engineered to be lighter and more compact making navigating through thick vegetation safer and easier. Contact us for more details.

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